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I coach busy people and change agents.  I help them relax into a more centred and full self-expression and to have more authentic, powerful relationships.

I advise evolutionary organizations and their leaders to build the kind of culture and team dynamics that, as a self-authoring, conscious, loving human, I would want to work in.

 “One of the few people in Boulder who should actually be a coach” – Tamarah Long, licensed architect and entrepreneur

“You’re the Anthony Robbins of the global conscience” – Nancy Kepner, Executive Director, Foundation for Global Scholars (client)

Want to explore coaching?  Send me an email to jack  *|AT|*

What my clients get from working with me

Dr Michael Gaeta, visionary natural health advocate and international speaker on how I helped him get organized and grow his practice 38% in 2013

Jeff Yin, Harvard graduate and climate change expert on our work during a huge life transition:


I help people become more relaxed and centred in who they really are and to express themselves more fully.

Work themes may include:

- unpacking personality patterns which limit expression

- increasing your capacity to relate with depth, authenticity and self-revelation

- finding a way to do life and work which feels easeful and integrated, so you attend to what matters most and you have deep contact with yourself and life

- improving your ability to communicate powerfully (vs self-monitoring, fear of what people think, fear of attention, fear of conflict etc.)

- opening your ability to express more love and vulnerability from a more open heart

- how to integrate various parts of yourself and your life

I am an expert at this because I worked at it hard for myself over the last 6 years and continue to evolve.  I used to be constantly on, start new things without any thought to how little focus I had, have no sense of homelife or personal space, resent going in the office and do small things reactively rather than big things proactively.  I craved deeper contact with people and more authentic and fulfilled friendships.  I landed how to have a simplified life whilst being in touch with the (always increasing) hypercomplexity of the modern world and the systems we find ourselves in.

Want to explore coaching?  Send me an email to jack  *|AT|*



As an advisor, I work with people who, for the sake of all of us, you would want to see do well.  They often have a human development or civic aspect to their work.

I typically work with people who have executive influence in the organizations they serve, often as founder, CEO, business owner, President or Head of Fun ;). I choose who I work with in the same way I would as an investor – I need to buy fully into what you are aspiring to do.  I may work on a profit-share or equity basis.

My specialist areas:

- executive leadership development

- founder and team dynamics

- building conscious culture

- organizational and ecosystem development

- talent development


I help you:

- attract the right network to bring your vision into fruition – I filter for people’s worldview so you have advice held in the right context – too many advisers don’t have the worldview complexity that their teams are holding

- make sure the human dynamics are right – founder dynamics, who is on the bus and in what seat, what is going unsaid and needs to be resolved

- establish the right memes in your culture as early as possible – I give easily digestible teachings and practices which support high-functioning highly-evolved teams – from self-management through through types of conversation to mindfulness practices

Most startups know that humans are their most important assets.  Yet most startups lack investment and expertise in human development, and most advisers focus on product, revenues and hard aspects of business, when soft and cultural aspects of business are sometimes more important to success.

Please get in touch if you would like to chat about how I may be able to support what you are doing.

What my clients get from working with me

Ashleigh Sinclaire, Founder All-day-O, mentor to powerful women

Please get in touch if you would like to chat about how I may be able to support what you are doing.

Ross Hostetter, author of Secrets of the Field, co-founder Field Work School & veteran of over 3000 legal mediations:

Elizabeth Plumb, Sustainability Consultant, Xanterra, Yellowstone National Park: