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Jack Butler is a social entrepreneur, coach, workshop leader and speaker. His latest venture provides full spectrum human development through coaching, programmes and other development resources for leaders and entrepreneurs. He founded Future Foundations (www.future-foundations.co.uk), a leading youth personal development training organization. He is a professional member of the International Enneagram Association and a former fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Jack was the IAB 2007 Young Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up and took a double first class degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Jack spends his time between London and Brighton in the UK and Boulder, CO and the Bay Area in the US. In his spare time, he enjoys physical challenges (3 Peaks Challenge 2010, Tresco Marathon 2006) and supporting The Simultaneous Policy Organisation (www.simpol.org.uk). He is a Partner in Passion and Purpose of the Grubb Guild, a voracious reader of personal, cultural and spiritual development, and likes to inquire, journal, travel and write.

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Video invitation to Introduction to the Enneagram

A video invitation to the Introduction to the Enneagram workshop on the evening of 24th July in central London. Invitation to the Introduction to the Enneagram workshop, evening of Tuesday July 24th, central London from Jack Butler on Vimeo. For more information and booking, go to www.londonenneagram.eventbrite.com

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Sacred activism panel at Science and Nonduality conference

Click below to see the sacred activism panel I was on with Nick Jankel, Elisabet Sahtouris and Will Pye at the Science and Nonduality Europe conference in Doorn, Holland, earlier this month. Sacred activism panel

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Introduction to the Enneagram – in London in July

I am excited to announce my first Enneagram teaching in London for next month.  For more info, click here. In this 2-hour event, you will: – understand the path of development the Enneagram offers, beyond its use as a typing system – learn about the 3 centres of intelligence:  head, heart and gut – be […]

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Changing the paradigm

I just came across this and thought it might be encouraging to those of you who are game-changers… In every system, the hardest thing to change can be the paradigm, but it can also happen fast.  According to systems thinker and ecologist Donella Meadows: “Keep pointing at anomalies and failures in the old paradigm.  Keep speaking […]

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Running on the beach, running on empty

I have taken recently to running on the beach.  Here in Brighton that means stones and groynes to traverse.  I like it from a couple of perspectives.  One, it feels like it’s less impact strain on my body than running on concrete.  Two, it is a more intense workout as currently, within 15 minutes, I […]

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You don’t know how long someone has been on the path

I got up at 5am in Brighton two days ago to be on the road to get to an early morning set up and kick off for a personal development programme at a school near Reading.  Leaving Brighton there was not much traffic around.  By the time I was on the M25/M4 junction at nearer […]

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Relaxing into our animal nature

I am writing from my garden before breakfast listening to a chorus of nearby tweeting birds, punctuated by calls from distant gulls.  I am reminded of the Mary Oliver poem ‘Wild Geese’ where she says: “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”  I am not sure how comfortable […]

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The pyramid needs its foundations

I met up last Saturday for a conversation with a friend who is a human givens therapist and has been on a spiritual journey for decades.  She also has the realness and straightforwardness which you might expect from an Enneagram type 8, which I enjoy.  We were talking about the problem of spiritual bypass.  Where […]

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Welcome to beingjackbutler.com. If what you read here resonates, please get in touch.

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