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Are we more equal now than ever?

Many of us, now and through history, have fought for a more equal world.  The suffragettes, the civil rights movement and in recent years the Occupy movement. There have been successes but it’s often been frustrating:  we know that 85 or so mega-billionaires still own more than 50% of the entire world population.  And yet, […]

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Ross Hostetter on personal evolution [VIDEO WEB SHOW]

This edition of The Conscious Change Agent webshow, I interviewed my good friend Ross Hostetter. Ross is rare breed – super successful – he has owned a law firm, a mediation firm, has conducted over 3000 legal mediations and more – a deep diver on the spiritual path and recently has turned his attention to […]

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The evolution of love relationships

Maybe you have seen my interview with Martin Ucik? It went down really well, got 82 facebook likes and helped connect me with cool people like Chris Cowan who found it online. Take it from me, Martin has a vast handle on relationship dynamics. This is a guest post from Martin on what relationships look like at […]

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[VIDEO] The Conscious Change Agent Web Show, with guest Terry Patten, Founder of Integral Spiritual Practice

For my web show with guest Terry Patten, click here. Terry Patten is a leading light within the Integral community and evolutionary spirituality space.  He is Founder of Bay Area Integral, The Beyond Awakening Series (a free teleseries on the future of spiritual practice) and is the co-author with Ken Wilber and others of Integral […]

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[VIDEO] Jack Butler hosting latest web show with guest Martin Ucik, Founder of Integral Relationships

For my video interview with Martin Ucik, click here. The latest edition of my web show is one that any of you interested in the higher potentials of relationship will enjoy getting stuck into.  One of most comprehensive books I have come across on relationships is Martin Ucik’s ‘Integral Relationships’: A Manual for Men.  Rather […]

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[VIDEO] Jack Butler hosts Patricia Albere on The Conscious Change Agent Web Show

Click here for video interview Jack Butler hosting The Conscious Change Agent Web Show with Patricia Albere. I am super excited to have Patricia Albere, Founder of Evolutionary Collective as the latest guest on my show.  Patricia has been in  the personal growth space and a transformation teacher for 40 years, so she has a […]

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The Conscious Change Agent – part 4 of 5

This is part 4 of 5 in series of videos on aspects of being a conscious change agent. This video is all about what perspective and worldview we bring to what we are up to, using the The 4 Kingdoms of Consciousness model (life happens TO me, BY me, THROUGH me or AS me) Each […]

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Jack Butler video interviewing Steve Mcintosh, Author of Evolution’s Purpose

[Click here to get straight to the video] Integral philosopher Steve Mcintosh has published an important book which looks at the trajectory of humankind.  Evolution’s Purpose is a deep dive into how culture and consciousness are unfolding, and how this bespeaks of an evolutionary purpose behind human progress.  Lauded by such luminaries as Marianne Williamson (if […]

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