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Being the real you

We live in remarkable times.  We live in an age where it is increasingly possible for more people to be more of who they really are in their work as well as their play. Disagree?  Curious?  Read on. We all probably have some experience of needing to contort ourselves to fit in with a boss’ […]

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Life in Kibera, with James Maebo [PODCAST]

Listen to Jack Butler talk with James Maebo here:   Talking with James Maebo was both inspiring and disheartening. James is director of Global One Foundation, who are building schools in Kibera, probably Africa’s 2nd largest urban slum. Seeing people be resourceful when they don’t have many resources is inspiring. Seeing poeple devote their lives […]

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A call to play your part as a global citizen

As we reflect on what I think is the most momentous year yet for global citizens, here’s a rallying call to do our bit to create the best outcomes for all: (* sorry for the little bit of microphone movement) Thanks for tuning in this year. Lots of stuff in the works for 2016 that […]

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Love and power: My vision is that more conscious people engage in our collective decisions

Transcript of my speech on bringing love and power together Hi, this is Jack Butler. Thanks for your attention. I want to talk today about love and power. I was with a friend yesterday and they asked me what is the edge that I most want to bring into the world or what am I most about […]

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Exploring the tensions of being a conscious change agent

If you can get to the Bay Area next week, come play with us. I will sharing my experiences of the challenges and tensions faced by anyone who wants both to do serious inner work and be a change agent in the world. I will also be inviting you into some of the answers, perspectives […]

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Jack Butler interviews Devin Hibbard on global social enterprise

Given 9 out of 10 businesses are not around after 18 months, if a business school said that 80% of its graduates were running successful businesses two years after leaving, that would be an impressive statistic, right?  Even more so if the graduates had never had business experience before.  And still more if they were coming from […]

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Jack Butler interviews Andy Drish on following your heart and genius in business

Listen to Jack Butler interview Andy Drish here: There’s a significant evolution happening.  The millennial generation in particular are building businesses that do things they deeply care about.  It’s amazing.  More and more people are able to bring authenticity, purpose and heart into their work.  What a rich field of possibility this is providing for self-expression […]

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Jack Butler with Rob McNamara on the real 1%: our highest developmental capacities

Listen here to Jack Butler interviewing Rob McNamara: When someone comes highly recommended from a bunch of people in my network whose opinion I value, I pay attention. Over the last couple of years, one of the names that has most come up in this way is performance coach and developmental psychology expert Rob McNamara. […]

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Jack Butler interviews Beena Sharma on Leadership Maturity

If you think leadership maturity must be about being an grey-haired CEO, then you’ve got some fun discoveries to make here.  Beena Sharma is a veteran of organizational and leadership development and a co-founder of the Center for Leadership Maturity. For many years, she has worked side-by-side with Dr Suzanne Cook-Greuter whose ego development profiling tools are world-leading.  Most […]

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Jack Butler Interviews Beatrice Chestnut on Enneagram Countertypes

I like to be able to recommend books that have positively impacted my world – especially ones that are put on my path casually by a friend, not via some Amazon or uber-marketing hype. I get even more excited when I get to interview the authors. Here is a concise and compelling interview I did […]

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