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How Learning My Real Enneagram Subtype Changed My Life

The Enneagram has had a lot of my and my clients’ attention over the last 5 years.  There are barely interpersonal interactions that go by where I don’t reference an Enneagram perspective.  And I have written before about my delight at grocery shopping in Boulder and overhearing shop assistant and customer talking eloquently about their […]

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Jack Butler interviews Natalie Sisson on Freedom in Life and Business

Join me as I interview Natalie Sisson, aka The Suitcase Entrepreneur, who has spent the last 3.5 years living out of a suitcase whilst running a 6-figure business.  She has cracked the kind of freedom and lifestyle many of us crave.   And did I mention that along the way Natalie has given Tim Ferriss a […]

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My vision for a world of love and power

Are you bringing your full love and power into the world? Do you feel more comfortable with one than the other?  Do you lose contact with your heart when you are in assertive action (my challenge)?  Do you feel sentimental and weak in the face of powerful people? Here’s what’s coming through me to share […]

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Can I fully be me and fully attune to you?

What is the relationship between sensitivity to others and authenticity to self? When I first came to that question, I used to frame it in an either/or way – like if I thought it enough, pros and cons, eventually one would emerge or I would find a set protocol to govern it. The eventual resolution […]

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And then I realized freedom was in control

Some days I feel like I am being pulled in different directions in a way that I long to resolve.  A sort of fussy first-world charlatan-like-less-painful-version of William Wallace at his demise.   I want to have my own time, and I want high-quality people contact.  I want to be unstructured so I can respond […]

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Jack Butler talks with Chris Cowan about Holacracy, the organizational operating system

Holacracy is a serious effort to bring distributed authority, agile/lean decision-making and an inbuilt evolutionary heartbeat to running a company. It’s a governance system which you can choose to adopt to run your organization in what I would argue is a more evolved way.   It’s been adapted by my friends Decker Cunov, Robert McNaughton and […]

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What is this possibility costing you?

People have a poor understanding of opportunity cost in my experience, including myself when I am not present.  We can go chasing after all sorts of ‘interesting’ things – but it means we’re not putting major life attention and energy – arguably our two most important currencies – on what most matters to us, or […]

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Set your filter, you opportunity-seeker you!!

If you’re an opportunity-seeker, it’s even more important for you to have a strong filter for what information you capture. For many people, it’s developmental to write things down, because they are too lazy or too unhabituated to do so. For you, the opportunity-seeker, because the world is alive with all sorts of potentially spurious […]

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Why your bucket list is screwing you over

I was writing my first ‘do-this-in-my-lifetime’ lists before I had ever heard the concept of a bucket list or it was popularized through the 2007 Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman film.  It makes me smile how serious I was as a teenager – a note I wrote at 13 was entitled ‘Getting My Life Sorted’. […]

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Who’s in and out of your tribe?

IN SHORT:  This piece looks at the relative importance of finding our tribe versus feeling connected to all life. I think I have found one of my tribes.  I am now calling them Conscious Creatives.  People who are both doing inner work to become more aware, free and compassionate, and who also want to create, […]

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