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Bio / Being Jack Butler | The blog of Jack Butler | Evolution Global | Home for Evolutionary Leaders, Global Citizens & Conscious Change Agents

Bio / Being Jack Butler

Here you have two options. Short bio below. Then some facts & figures, achievements and geeky things about me. You choose.

Short bio

I am a coach, teacher, executive adviser, vlogger, international workshop leader and speaker.

My core values are presence, integration, depth, pragmatism, contribution, love and authenticity.

I coach and advise conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, people in major life transition and people who take their development seriously.  I run online and in-person programs on authentic expression, conscious leadership and global citizenship. I convene a global tribe to support those at the integration of lifestyle design, consciousness, personal mastery and social change. I work extensively with the Enneagram, self-awareness practices, personal productivity systems and integral frameworks.

I was formerly a social entrepreneur and I founded Future Foundations, a 7-figure leading UK youth personal development training provider.  Future Foundations now works with over several thousand young people a year in one-day and residential programmes to develop personal responsibility and agency, academic aspiration, leadership and social action. I am a professional member of the International Enneagram Association (where I presented at the global conference this year on Conscious Productivity) and a former fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  I was the UK 2007 Young Entrepreneur of the Year (IAB) runner-up, took a double first class degree graduating 2nd in Politics from the University of Cambridge and have an IQ of 145+.  I live in an amazing communal mansion in Boulder, Colorado and spend time in London and the San Francisco Bay Area.  In my spare time, I enjoy physical challenges (such as UK 3 Peaks Challenge and Tresco Marathon) and supporting the campaign for better global governance structures (I am an adviser to The Global Bill of Rights (GBOR)) and a friend of John Bunzl and Simpol;  see our interview here).  I am a voracious reader of personal, social and spiritual development, and like to inquire, journal, travel and write.

Other ventures I am incubating include:

– in time, my teachings growing into being a center for higher level development

– my first book on psychological and spiritual freedom and life hacks for conscious creatives and the global generation



On the global road:

With my friend Steve Mcintosh, integral philosopher, Founder of Now & Zen (the cool chime alarm clocks, which I had one before knowing Steve!) and Founding Partner at Institute for Cultural Evolution:
With David Daniels and Helen Palmer, arguably two of the 3 world’s leading Enneagram teachers [IEA 2013]

At 10 Downing Street for a reception with UK Prime Minister David Cameron:



My influences
I believe it is useful for a coach to have been a coachee.  I have previously been coached by:
I have also been mentored by:
I have met with and admire the work of:

(Julio Ollala with Jack Butler, Jan 2012, Boulder, Colorado)

Recent trainings and retreats

A few numbers

Over the last 13 years, I have:

– worked with over 15,000 people in trainings, residentials and keynotes

– led over 120 youth programs

– conducted over 750 1:1 coaching sessions

– been invited to 10 Downing Street by David Cameron and was an ambassador for the Blair government’s Mark Your Mark campaign on youth enterprise


Curriculum Vitae
Oh and some more stuff on me in case you’re interested or need to read something vaguely impressive in my bio:
     > academic scholarship to Norwich School, a leading independent school
     > straight A*s at 16, 4 As at level (4.0 GPA equivalent)
     > County football player (soccer in US-speak)
     > County chess player, until aged 13 was beaten by…a 6 year old.  Ahem.  James Heppel did go onto represent England Men’s B Team and still has a world ranking
     > Head of School – one of the Deputy Heads of School was Emma Pooley, amazing woman and British Olympic Silver Medallist
     > University of Cambridge graduate, 4th in year, 2nd in Politics, aged 20, with the highest mark in the year and a starred first on the only ‘unseen’ (ie – they can ask you anything and you write on it for 3 hours) politics paper
     > Cambridge Varsity Blue for football (soccer in US-speak), aged 18
     > Cambridge University college prize for outstanding contribution to the community
     > founded a social-purpose business, Future Foundations, aged 21, in the UK running transformational progs for youth which now does 7 figures, employs 14 people and helps 5000 young people a year
     > was one of the youngest members of the UK Professional Speakers Association, aged 22
     > was one of the youngest fellows of the Royal Society of Arts, aged 22
     > offered a 4-book deal with Pearson, aged 23 (unfortunately in my busyness, didn’t translate it into commissioned book proposals…lesson learned)
     > completed nonstop what is often considered UK’s toughest marathon, Tresco Marathon (7.5 laps of the island, 32 hills)
     > runner-up UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 in reception at UK House of Lords
     > summited and descended Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain, in 2 hours 7 minutes, having already completed England’s and Scotland’s highest mountains in the same 24 hours
     > invited to 10 Downing Street for a reception with the UK Prime Minister David Cameron on young people’s development and advised the Tony Blair government as a national youth enterprise ambassador
     > former mentors include Roddy Campbell, former CEO of Adidas;  Sharon Bamford, founder of the UK-India Business council and former CEO of Association of MBAs;  Robert Ashton, The Barefoot Entrepreneur and 15-times author
     > last two IQ tests scored at 146 and 147
     > Professional membership of The International Enneagram Association – I presented at their annual conference in 2013
     > met with or interviewed:  Diana Chapman (top notch adviser to exceptional leaders), Andrea Isaacs (world-leading Enneagram teacher), Nigel Newton (Founder & Exec Chair of Bloomsbury Publishing), Tim Freke (major spiritual teacher but just a top Somerset lad), Ed & Deb Shapiro (authors of Be The Change, bloggers on Huffington Post and Oprah Winfrey Online), Ross Hostetter (author of The Secrets of The Field), Steve Mcintosh (leading integral philosopher, Founder of Institute for Cultural Evolution and inventor of the Zen Alarm clock), Jeff Salzman (leading Integral teacher, side by side with Ken Wilber over last decade), Terry Patten (Founder of Integral Life Practice), Ken Wilber (arguably greatest living philosopher), James Flaherty (Founder of Integral Coaching), Andrew Cohen (Founder of Enlightenment Next), Russ Hudson, Sandra Maitri, Steve Nobel (Director of Alternatives, London), Dr Liana Mattulich (Director of Inner Key, Author of The Journey to Awareness and Beyond), Dr Bill Spady (Harvard man, Father of Outcome-Based Education and former education lead for Neale Donald Walsch), Sharon Bamford (former Chief Exec of UK-India Business Council), John Bunzl (Founder of Simpol), Mark Anastasi (The Laptop Millioniare), Saniel Bonder (Founder of Waking Down in Mutuality), Bruce Irvine (Exec Director of The Grubb Institute)
And if you want to know geeky things about my life:
> I mostly follow a 4-hour body diet, modified with principles of ayurveda, especially eating warm, soupy meals;  I very rarely eat pork, mushrooms, peppers, potatoes or raw tomatoes;   my standard breakfast is 4 scrambled eggs, sautéed greens (chard or spinach) and meat protein (ground beef or chicken sausages);  I usually eat one crockpot stew meal a day, usually at lunch
> I have a Pitta constitution (Pitta-Kapha) and I drink a lot of water;  I also drink coconut water and carrot juice;  I don’t drink coffee, tea or fruit juices;  and I drink wine (I drink white – even though it has higher sugar content, red wine makes me sleepy quickly and I place a high value on energy)
> I mostly follow GTD principles, but I adapt my contexts to be functional areas of business and life, and I heavily apply the 80/20 principle so that I am not collecting lists of low-value and low-leverage items;
> I journal lots, using my Moleskin notebooks and my fountain pen
> I organize my writing ideas in Scrivener
> I do yoga regularly with Sophia Diaz and her crew, I hike and I stretch
> I have a desire to get well enough in my body to take up soccer again
> I use a Jawbone UP to monitor my sleep and movement patterns
> I speak fluent French (once I immerse a little), to the point where I am often asked ‘Comment ca que tu parles si bon francais’
> I have been to Burning Man and I am debuted at South By in 2013
> I am an Apple user – MacBook Pro, Ipad, iPhone 6s and 6, Apple TV
> I have a Kindle – to create a SFE (sole focus environment) for reading