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Evolution Global tribe | The blog of Jack Butler | Evolution Global | Home for Evolutionary Leaders, Global Citizens & Conscious Change Agents

Evolution Global tribe

Are we in the same tribe?

Short version

Leaders who are global citizens, are doing their inner work, and are making a difference in the world.

Sailing SF Bay - whole group

End of event group photo

Longer version
Are you one ore more of the following?
– evolutionary leader?
– global citizen?
– conscious change agent?
– social entrepreneur?
– deep diver?
– integralist?
– global impact entrepreneur?
– global nomad?
I resonate especially with people who are deep – self-aware, integrated & soulful – and have a wide circle of care – globally-minded, social change agents & leaders.

Let’s break that down.

Self-aware – you realize that emotions, aches, bodily sensations et al. are important teachers in life which need attention and growth;  you get that your awareness is your gift
Integrated – you see the connections between domains and disciplines of life, you see we are in an ‘integrating’ age and you are doing your work to balance out your type, energies and psychograph (your various lines of intelligence)
Soulful – you have a sense of that you are part of a greater whole and have a unique contribution to unfold
Globally-minded – you have global consciousness;  nationhood is becoming obsolete as your primary identity
Social change agents – social contribution gets you roused and you make things happen;  let’s play our part in the world’s evolution
Leaders – you are happy to speak your truth, fight the good fight on behalf of the cause and be a influencer for the upliftment of all life around you



You might like to know

People usually resonate with me from one or more of the following angles:

– you have a sense of a social mission or deep purpose (social innovators, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, changemakers)

– you like to get stuff done or make it happen;  you have probably read Getting Things Done by David Allen  (you get the difference between effective and efficient);  you get frustrated with people who are ‘too spiritual’ to get shit done, or who are all ideas and no action

– you have a liking for grounded inner work  (you don’t want to sit round all day holding hands – as MLK said ‘love without power is sentimental and anemic’;  but you get it’s not just about doing, that there are big questions for us to contemplate and tensions for us to live)