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Jack Butler interviews Andy Drish on following your heart and genius in business | The blog of Jack Butler | Evolution Global | Home for Evolutionary Leaders, Global Citizens & Conscious Change Agents

Jack Butler interviews Andy Drish on following your heart and genius in business

Listen to Jack Butler interview Andy Drish here:

There’s a significanAndy drisht evolution happening.  The millennial generation in particular are building businesses that do things they deeply care about.  It’s amazing.  More and more people are able to bring authenticity, purpose and heart into their work.  What a rich field of possibility this is providing for self-expression and contribution.

Andy Drish is there supporting this evolution with The Foundation, an immersive training program which teaches entrepreneurs how to build a business they love from scratch.  And they mean from scratch – when you don’t have the education, connections, parents or capital to give you a headstart.  You have a dream and you go to work.

Andy and Dane built the Foundation into a multi-million dollar business in just two years.

I loved talking with Andy – he’s sincere, heart-open, lively and insightful.  He’s a good egg, as us Brits would say 🙂

Best of luck to Andy, Dane and the Foundation team as they build capacity to hit the next level of serving our entrepreneurial community.  The future is in good hands 🙂

Thanks to all of you who listen in.



Show links:

Iowa! (okay, okay, shoot me, I had to look up exactly where it was!)

The Foundation (how to build a business from scratch)

Cubicle Nation (Escape from Cubicle Nation, book by Pam Slim)

Rich Dad Poor Dad (book by Robert Kiyosaki)

Dan Sullivan mastermind group (The 10x coach for entrepreneurs)

Four Hour Work week

Building a muse business

Predictable Success by Les McKeown

Zingerman’s – successful restaurant franchise out of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Richard Branson

Show timings:

0:00 – intro

1:00 – the lesson that Andy’s Dad taught him as a 16 year-old which changed his perspective on work

2:00 – being taught the value of education

2:45 – working in a cubicle every day – is there anything else to life?

04:00 – the privilege of doing first world work

04:30 – sunrise in New Zealand – the reality of only having 2 weeks’ vacation a year

5:30 – Andy’s come a long way since selling fake IDs… 🙂   Getting out of ‘cubicle nation’…

06:20 – The Foundation – how to get started when you don’t have money, skills and your parents won’t entrepreneurs

– 07:00 – the identity shift of being an entrepreneur

– 07:40 – the hardest part of the journey?  Right now!  The ongoing learning journey of business

– 08:40 – how to deal with the naysayers, how to deal with your corporate peers who don’t want you to be an entrepreneur

– 11:10 – ‘spiralling up’ relationships – people seeing you for your growth and power;  how to see someone both perfect AND in their future power

– 12:00 – if you don’t have the right community, better to join or create one?

– 13:25 – the startup journey: uninformed optimism gives way to informed pessimism gives way to a crisis of meaning  (when people wrongly quit)

– 14:30 – ‘mancations’ – how once or twice a year, Andy organizes fun guy activities

– 15:10 – build a muse or build with your native genius?  The flaw in Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week

– 16:00 – where does freedom come from?  Money in the bank?   Or pursuing something you so care about you would die for?

– 16:50 – why Andy ended up hating the first company he built (from misalignment)

– 18:30 – understanding the difference between cycles and layers

– 20:30 – how to go to the next level in business (not just financially);

– 21:40 – how to handle when you don’t have the system to handle all your sales – marketing and operations are butting heads (aka the white water)

– 22:50 – hiring contractors vs employees – what’s better for freedom in business?

– 23:30 – the millennials, the first generation to prioritize passion over having a job

– 24:00 – how to have every team member play in their zone of genius

– 24:45 – becoming an ‘open book’ business – all staff knowing the financials

– 25:50 – does it really work to have a fully virtual team?

– 26:55 – running a company on cycles of 90 day sprints, then a month off

– 28:00 – Andy’s ‘stupid human tricks’ – spotting genius  (buidling a life of happiness and abundance around your native gifts)

– 29:45 – can everyone just pursue their gifts?  Is it fully universalizable?  Is emptying sewers and cleaning tables really zones of genius?

– 31:00 – does technology provide us with more freedom and more chance to be in our zone of genius?

– 32:00 – genius = skills + way of being + heart;  or 10,000 hours of our unconscious pattern of how we are living our lives]

– 33:50 – how do you attract the right business partner?

– 35:20 – how Richard Branson’s path has unfolded – unfolding vs determining

– 36:45 – and the best marketing tactic is…?  Caring!

– 38:00 – best ways to connect with Andy

– 39:00 – Andy’s ‘Holy Cow’ predictions for the future…where are we headed?  1. More entrepreneurs; 2. Operating from an expanded circle of concern – taking more people into account in your decisions

Listen to Jack Butler interview Andy Drish here:

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About Jack Butler

Jack Butler is a social entrepreneur, coach, workshop leader and speaker. His latest venture provides full spectrum human development through coaching, programmes and other development resources for leaders and entrepreneurs. He founded Future Foundations (www.future-foundations.co.uk), a leading youth personal development training organization. He is a professional member of the International Enneagram Association and a former fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Jack was the IAB 2007 Young Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up and took a double first class degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Jack spends his time between London and Brighton in the UK and Boulder, CO and the Bay Area in the US. In his spare time, he enjoys physical challenges (3 Peaks Challenge 2010, Tresco Marathon 2006) and supporting The Simultaneous Policy Organisation (www.simpol.org.uk). He is a Partner in Passion and Purpose of the Grubb Guild, a voracious reader of personal, cultural and spiritual development, and likes to inquire, journal, travel and write.
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