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Jack Butler interviews Carter Thomas on Lean Business and Meaningful Living | The blog of Jack Butler | Evolution Global | Home for Evolutionary Leaders, Global Citizens & Conscious Change Agents

Jack Butler interviews Carter Thomas on Lean Business and Meaningful Living

Listen to Jack Butler interview Carter Thomas here:


Carter Thomas

Last year I took part in Catalyst Week as part of Tony Hsieh‘s Downtown Project in Las Vegas.  Amazing group of people including one of the guys I roomed with, Carter Thomas.

Carter has done some badass stuff.  He’s had significant 6-figure monthly earnings, has a blog with over 2 million hits and has done serious round-the-world travel.

And he’s also got to asking questions about what deeper purpose you can find when you’ve done the things that money can give you.

Join us for a warts-and-all look at building a lean online business, finding business model fundamentals which really work, remembering the important things in life, recovering from terror, using a 5 foot by 5 foot calendar and why Carter will spend 24,000 words and 14 hours on blogposts like this.


Show links:

Carter Thomas – twitter

Blue Cloud Solutions

Blue Cloud Blog

Hacking Creativity – Carter’s top blogpost

Tony Robbins

Jim Rohn (Robbin’s early mentor and personal growth pioneer)

Napoleon Hill

Tim Ferriss / Four Hour Workweek

Show timecodes:

o:00 – introduction and welcome

0:40 – what are the main inflection points in Carter’s journey?  Leaving the start-up world

1:20 – discovering apps and starting blogging

2:15 – when did Carter know apps would work for him as a business?

3:05 – stopping looking at apps and looking at the business models which work

3:45 – how to parse business models – how to go macro vs focus on micro details  (ad networks, not icons)

6:00 – big innovation is important, it’s just not necessarily good business;  the importance of unsexy business fundamentals

6:45 – do you keep focussed a growing business or do you step back and invest in higher risk ventures?

7:45 – the responsibility which comes with making money – making the world better

8:45 – where does Carter see himself in 5 years?  Digital business vs apps

9:15 – teaching lean entrepreneurship

9:45 – who to hire?  Contractors vs employees vs business partners

10:15 – Carter likes a lean team:  PT project manager, PT development team, PT admin

10:50 – business scars:  the cost of hiring the wrong people

11:15 – focus on profits, not gross revenues;  not wanting a colossus with only 80% efficiency

12:45 – pursuing lifestyle once you make money:  going nuts!

14:10 – the difference between having fun and being happy  (fun adventures vs writing a meaningful blogpost)

16:45 – Round-The-World travel;  wherever you go, it’s a different experience, but you’re still the same person

18:15 – how important is it to get to the best ecosystems for your work?  (e.g. being in San Francisco / Bay Area for tech)  aka where can you go to be around people who are thinking like you are?

20:15 – network is important, but if you want a small lean company, don’t go out every night of the week

22:00 – hitting the terror: fear of losing what you’ve built

23:40 – finding peace – “no matter what, it’s going to work out, it just might not be the way I’ve thought”

24:40 – critical factors in blog success:  1. proving everything I talked about (here’s my test, here’s my research, here’s another test of mine, here’s my conclusion…)   2. responding personally to 50-100 emails a day, comments and facebook;  3. having posts which are one-of-a-kind

27:00 – how much time to put into a blogpost?  Not writing a post until you’re fully confident to answer any questions about it

28:30 – creating community around your blog and other product offerings

29:40 – what proportion of your community have you met?

32:00 – writing you best blogposts – shutting off half a day

33:20 – blogposts of 20,000+ words (set aside 14 hours to write!)

35:20 – Carter’s top native talent – seeing a better future

36:30 – you have to believe visualizations in your gut otherwise they have no effect

37:30 – Carter’s routines – working out every day, bed early, 1030-330pm sweet spot with 3 must-do things

39:40 – 5′ by 5′ laminated wall calendar – writing down what I want to get done for myself (take vitamins, stretch for 20 mins, read one chapter in a book, watch one ted talk);  everything else then becomes easier to do

41:00 – coming from being personally resourced and soul nourished – the value of the time you then work goes up  (so you can’t afford NOT to do it)

43:30 – Carter the futurist – biggest cares: 1) improving the health industry;  2) more empowered individuals – democratization of finance, health and your job


About Jack Butler

Jack Butler is a social entrepreneur, coach, workshop leader and speaker. His latest venture provides full spectrum human development through coaching, programmes and other development resources for leaders and entrepreneurs. He founded Future Foundations (www.future-foundations.co.uk), a leading youth personal development training organization. He is a professional member of the International Enneagram Association and a former fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Jack was the IAB 2007 Young Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up and took a double first class degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Jack spends his time between London and Brighton in the UK and Boulder, CO and the Bay Area in the US. In his spare time, he enjoys physical challenges (3 Peaks Challenge 2010, Tresco Marathon 2006) and supporting The Simultaneous Policy Organisation (www.simpol.org.uk). He is a Partner in Passion and Purpose of the Grubb Guild, a voracious reader of personal, cultural and spiritual development, and likes to inquire, journal, travel and write.
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